Miss Hay bought a weather station from Jay Cars. On the weather station there is a wind vane. The wind vane shows the direction of the wind. It also has wind cups. The wind cups show the speed of the wind. There are 3 wind cups on it. There is a rain gauge that measures the rain. There’s a thermometer that tells us the temperature outside. The shape is a t –shape when you look at it. There is a wooden pole that holds it up. The pole is mounted by u-bolts. To put it together you need to put the wind cups and the wind vane on by slipping then on the little pole and screwing them on. The receiver shows all the things I talked about. The receiver is black and silver with a screen that lights up when you turn it on. We are going to put it on the second post from the stile and the second post from the rain gauge. It will be screwed on by two 7.5 screws. We are putting it on after lunch. Charlie C. Charlie K , Miss Hay and I will put it up. Please don’t touch it and don’t kick or throw balls around it because it could break.

Rupert Twist, Year 5

Rupert with weather station