This is our farm club ...

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We have meetings on Mondays and we organize things like chicken monitors and things that need to be done. This year we have organized getting 2 calves for our school farm.This farm club is open for anyone. We have meetings in Ruma Toru.

By Maddie and Allura


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Over the past year we have been raising 2 Friesian cross calves called Farmlands and Belgroup. They were given to us by Belgroup. Farmlands gave us some milk powder to feed them. They live out on the 5 acre school farm. When they were young, kids from the farm club would come out and feed them milk. Now they eat grass and drink the water from the trough. They are happy and healthy. They love getting attention from the Argyll East students and the kids surely love playing, caring and watching them grow.  

By Kaela and Gabriella


In the past, the Senior class designed the chicken coop. It was made by Mr J, a former Principal.  At Argyll we have 2 chickens. Every afternoon 2 children feed them chicken food and lunch scraps.There’s usually at least 1 egg. We sell the eggs at school. This money pays for the chicken food. Sometimes rats come into the chicken coop and eat the eggs. We have one of Miss Hay’s traps and try and catch them.

By Fletcher