Rescuing the pontoon from the creek.

Rescuing the pontoon2

Pontoon rescue Maddie B 2 

Refloating the pontoon

The Farm Club is a group of students who want to participate on the school farm or with outdoor activities at lunchtimes. We meet on Fridays at lunchtime. The Enviro Leaders - Maddie and Isla - organise and run the meetings. Everyone can join.


This year we grubbed thistles. 


We did a flood check after the big flood in March. The pontoon was pushed up against the platform. Malcolm Campbell (one of the Dad’s) helped us to get it down and untangled all the ropes. Now it’s safe to ride.


We collect seeds and grow them in our shadehouse. This year we planted carex in the little creek and different plants in the riparian area opposite school by the hall. A group of us went and planted at Otaia with Lakeview Kindergarten. We have done this before and helped them pot out flaxes.We are giving some plants to Tamatea High School to help with their planting in Napier.


Some parents helped move the chicken coop closer to the classrooms.We will get new born chicks in Term 3.


We have a bin where you can put any leftover food. At the end of the week, 3 Farm Club members cut and mash the leftovers and put it in a Bokashi bucket system. When the bucket is full, we dig it into the vegetable garden. We get the juice and put them into containers to use to fertilise the garden.


Planting at Otaia /Lindsay bush with our friends from Lakeview Kindergarten




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