We run two buses, one that covers the nearby towns and a local bus.

Our town bus has numerous stops in Waipukurau, Waipawa and at Otane before heading down Argyll Road. The return trip also includes drop offs at the swimming pools and Scallywags in Waipukurau. This bus is subsidised by the Home and School and the school Board and supplemented by a fee of $50 per term per child (capped at $100 per family per term).

Our local bus travels down Argyll Road and Raukawa Road. This bus is Ministry funded and is available to all eligible families. See Eligibility for buses



 for more information.

There are forms and expectations for buses on the Resources page.

Morning Runs: 

The Big Bus leaves Waipukurau at 8:00am, picks up at Waipawa, opposite Four Square, at 8:10am and Otane Hall at 8:25am.  It arrives at school at 8:35am (approximate times).

The Small Bus travels down Argyll Rd and leaves school at 8:00am and returns to school at 8:30am.


Afternoon Runs:

The Big Bus leaves school at 3:10pm, drops off at Otane Hall at 3:20pm, Waipawa, opposite Four Square, at 3:35 and arrives in Waipukurau at 3:45pm (approximate times).

The Small Bus leaves school at 3:10pm.

Bus Monitors are appointed each year. Their task is to assist the driver by supervising the passengers both on and off the bus. Bus behaviour must be of a high standard for the safety of all passengers. At times seats on the big bus are allocated. Students with inappropriate behaviour will be asked to find alternative transport arrangements to and from school.