Rūma Toru students 2021

In Rūma Toru there are 20 children- ten Year 4’s and ten Year 5’s. Some of the children live on farms and others live in towns and come to school on a big bus. The kids are kind, creative, caring and some have a great sense of humour. We get on with our work. Year 5’s sit at desks and Year 4’s work on tables. We have jobs we do to make our class run smoothly, like putting away the chrome books and cleaning the whiteboard.

We have 2 teachers who help us learn. One of them is Miss Hay. She has white hair and glasses that are green and black. She teaches from Monday to Wednesday. Miss Hay enjoys the environment. She pushes us to our limits in a good way. Mr Stuckey is our other teacher and he teaches the other days. He is tall and has white hair too. He loves sport especially football. Did you know he is a marathon runner?

The walls of our classroom are the colour of a green apple. The fourth wall is mainly windows and doors.

We all LOVE being in Rūma Toru.

By the Rūma Toru students of 2021



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